Gun Reform: In light of the shootings at Santa Fe High School

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. School safety is a critical priority for all parents, educators, students and community members that can no longer be taken for granted. We need to start using the ballot box and ballot initiatives to take this matter out of the hands of legislators that refuse to listen to the will of the people that are crying out for sensible gun control laws. We must make every attempt to reduce violence, especially incidents that involve firearms. As a member of Congress, I will be your advocate and fight to enact legislation that will reduce gun violence and help protect all children and you.

I will fight to improve youth safety and to restrict guns to only responsible owners and advocate for the following:

  • Restrict Internet gun sales, including kits that can be used to make/modify guns.
  • Enforce federal and state minimum age requirements for handgun purchases.
  • Require non-licensed dealers to conduct background checks and fill out proper paperwork so that guns can be traced.
  • Increase penalties for the transfer of handguns or semiautomatic assault weapons to juveniles for use in a crime.
  • Revoke the license of dealers who knowingly sell to minors.
  • Establish education programs to teach students, parents, and community members about gun safety and violence prevention.
  • Prevent juveniles who commit violent crimes from buying guns as adults.
  • Support state and federal funding initiatives for the research of the causes and effects of gun violence.

These and other measures are some of the ways I believe that gun violence can be decreased in order to make our schools, as well as our communities a safer place.

With your help we can take meaningful action to make our communities safer from gun violence. Please support me, Kimberly Hill Knott, a public servant who will prioritize the safety of our communities ahead of the profits of gun manufacturers.

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